One Light Foundation, a nonprofit 501.c.3, located in Los Angeles, CA is dedicated to the following: 

· Provision of art, music, and culture to local communities
· Volunteer leadership and programs that support disabled individuals, community development, and cultural exchanges
· Charitable gifts and grants that continuously help disabled individuals and local communities

How Do We Work? - We work on a volunteer basis so all our funds are dedicated to our programs and help the community! 

Where Do We Work? - We like to meet at cafes to create and build programs together in a relaxed and fun environment. We like flexibility and technology so we work at co-working spaces, business centers, and directly at places in need. 

Who Are We? - Students, volunteers, families, lawyers, executives, architects, artists, musicians… the list goes on! 

How Can You Help? - Volunteers help make our programs happen! Let us know if you are interested and through a short vetting process, we learn about you and you learn about us!

What Do We Work On? - Art, music, culture, and education programs that will support the local community. We also care about helping the disabled community.